Saturday, February 11, 2012

First post, first time ever using Blogger.  Before I start getting to work on what route I want to go this will be my introduction post!

Well for starters my name is Cris and pretty much most of my free time is spending time with my awesome girlfriend but also gaming.  I play only a handful of games but my library is expanding!  I plan to start getting into streaming my games and possible making video's again.  I have a YouTube channel that I have a few vids on which I will leave a link.  But I have been playing video games for as long as I remember and I love it.  Probably my best and biggest hobby it fits me perfect.  Hopefully in making this I will motivate myself to doing some streaming and just bringing entertainment/helpful tips for the games that I play if you want to get into it!  Currently I play World of Warcraft, Modern Warfare 3 and various other games on my steam account.

Well that's it for now...time to start brainstorming and getting to work! 



Steam:  My steam name is ihazabucket7

Thanks and hope to see you soon!

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