Wednesday, February 22, 2012

So as I am reading my usual blogs from various people I come across this on my Twitter:

Now I think this is a good nerf.  The first 5% allowed my guild to go from 1/8 heroic to 5/8 heroic.  Hopefully we can overcome Warmaster this week since we always get so close but if not, then I am positive that we can get it next week when the 10% is added.  Blizzard did say they would regulate the nerfs and that there wouldn't be a fixed nerf schedule but rather them looking at how many people see the kills and go from there.  So I think that is a step in the right direction and lets other guilds who aren't top 100 in the world get a chance to see those heroic fights and of course get loot.  Well good luck in your raids folks!  Hopefully I get my kill!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

WSG Fun!

Well got the vid up and running!  WSG weekend and got some cool footage!  First time playing with Sony Vegas pro but I think it came out good.  If you want to see some other battleground or other PvP comment and let me know!  Enjoy guys!

Friday, February 17, 2012

WSG Weekend!

This weekend starts the Warsong Gulch weekend Battleground!  WSG used to not be a favorite of mine in past expansions but in the coming of Cataclysm and my newfound PvP buzz I have learned to love it.  Random BG's are hit and miss but I expect my friends and I to get some good footage in this weekend and hopefully I can put out a new vid.  I haven't in months so it should be fun and I have the free time :).

So be on the lookout on my YouTube channel sometime this weekend for a new PvP vid!  Kitty time!

Monday, February 13, 2012

World of Warcraft PvP

Hey guys!  So I play World of Warcraft and I mostly PvE but this expansion I took up PvP and I am loving it.  I PvP on my Druid as Feral.  In season 10 I did a Kitty Cleave with my cousin and girlfriend and we didn't do horrible but good for our first season together.  Kitty PvP is really fun and even if we don't have the shape shift out of roots and snares our damage is sick and our utility and survivability is insane.  Well here's the vid!  If you like it please let me know what you liked about the vid so that when I do my next one I know what you like.  If there's something you think I can improve on tell me I am always wanting to learn more and step up my game.  Anyways, until next time!

My YouTube channel.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

First post, first time ever using Blogger.  Before I start getting to work on what route I want to go this will be my introduction post!

Well for starters my name is Cris and pretty much most of my free time is spending time with my awesome girlfriend but also gaming.  I play only a handful of games but my library is expanding!  I plan to start getting into streaming my games and possible making video's again.  I have a YouTube channel that I have a few vids on which I will leave a link.  But I have been playing video games for as long as I remember and I love it.  Probably my best and biggest hobby it fits me perfect.  Hopefully in making this I will motivate myself to doing some streaming and just bringing entertainment/helpful tips for the games that I play if you want to get into it!  Currently I play World of Warcraft, Modern Warfare 3 and various other games on my steam account.

Well that's it for now...time to start brainstorming and getting to work! 



Steam:  My steam name is ihazabucket7

Thanks and hope to see you soon!